Frequently asked questions

How does an undated planner work?

The undated Inspired Planner has blank calendars so you can use the planner when and how you want to. This gives you the freedom to start planning any time of the year. The Inspired Planner is a 12 month daily planner.

How do I apply tabs?

Place your first tab about 1/4 inch from the top of the page. Then leave a little space between the next tab until you have the first 5 tabs in place. Then make rows behind the first 5 tabs. Mess up? No worries, the tabs can be removed gently and reapplied in a new spot.

How big is the Inspired Planner?

The Inspired Planner is 9x7 inches including the coil, about the size of a medium sized Bible. It should fit in a medium sized purse and easily into a back pack.

Is there room to take Bible study and sermon notes?

Yes! Each of the daily pages has room for Bible reading notes, 2 days per page. And there are 52 pages for sermon notes, one for each week. We even have 2 pages where you can write your answered prayers.