Our Story

At Inspired, we provide tools that help you put Christ at the center of your every day.  Have you ever felt overwhelmed, wondering how you can get everything done and still put God first in your life? You are not alone.  That is exactly what Rhonda Fetcko, the creator of the Inspired planner was going through one morning in 2016 as she was trying to stay focused on her Bible study while the thoughts of everything she needed to accomplish that day were swirling in her head.  That's when she had an "aha" moment.  Why couldn't daily planning be integrated into Bible reading and journaling?  Why shouldn't we just ask God for guidance with all the specific details of our day?  Let's get Inspired! Stop surviving and start thriving.  You'll be amazed by what God can accomplish through you!

-Meet our 2020 Missions Partner-

A portion of the proceeds from each Inspired purchase will be donated to The Little Lighthouse of Central Mississippi, a tuition-free developmental center for children with special needs.