The Inspired Tool Kit contains Tabs, 12 Month Stickers, Healthy Habits, and Woo-hoo Stickers to help you optimize your planner.  With the Inspired Planner, you can start a Bible reading plan at any time of the year.  You can personalize your planner using these stylish tabs with fun patterns to help you find the right spot in your planner in a snap. The 12 Month stickers are used on your monthly spread and they correspond to the matching Tab.  Do you want to track your habits?  The Healthy Habits Stickers help track your daily 30 minutes of cardio, 8 hours of sleep, and 8 glasses of water intake each day.  There are 30 stickers per pack because it takes about 30 days to establish a new habit.  Just imagine how you'll feel after 30 days of being well-rested, hydrated, and energized with cardio!  The Woo-hoo Sticker Package is all about celebration!  You can place the birthday cake, heart, and star stickers on the monthly spreads of the Inspired Planner to celebrate special occasions.  And the rainbow stickers represent God's promises found throughout the Bible.  As you find and write a promise on your daily pages, you can mark it, and pray that promise back to God.  Woo-hoo!  Because God's promises are true.  These tools are a great compliment to the Inspired Planner, and part of the proceeds from each purchase support The Little Lighthouse of Central Mississippi, a tuition-free Developmental Center for children with special needs.

Inspired Tool Kit

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